PS4 BLOD Repair

So, what is the BLOD and do I have it?

The BLOD stands for the “Blue Light of Death”, this is a common issue with the Playstation 4 and the symptoms are quite obvious. On power up attempt you will see the initial blue light, but only for around 2 seconds before it abruptly turns itself off. You can also have a blue pulsing light which doesn’t ever turn to white and you won’t have any display.

So why does this happen?

The cause of the fault is one or more faulty solder joints under the main processing chip (the APU). Overheating increases the rate in which this problem will occur, see our overheating blog, it can also be caused by a drop (causing a cracked solder joint). Sometimes a reflow, which is melting the solder with liquid flux applied to renew the joints will result in a lasting repair. If this fails to work, a reball is the only option. This involves removing the chip from the playstation and replacing the solder balls. The chip is then welded back to the circuit board – a lasting repair. We are professionals and repair these regularly, you can always be sure we do things properly. It is very important that the repair business you employ to carry out this repair has experience and are doing what they say they are going to do with the correct equipment.

See our reballed PS4 APU chip ready to go back on to the console:

So what can I do about it?

Repair cost for a reflow is currently £50, alternatively a reball (sometimes required) costs £75. Contact us to arrange an appointment to get your ps4 repaired and get back in the game. You can drop off to us or for an extra £5 we will collect and deliver the console back to you within Cardiff.

Call us now on 07791545145 or visit the contact us page for more options.