Data Recovery in Cardiff

We understand, your data is vital.

Whether you're a small / medium sized business with corrupt documents or a distraught mother with photos on a damaged USB flash stick - we can offer you a solution.


We can offer the following services directly:

Flash USB Stick Repair

SD Card Recovery

File System Corruption Repair

Outlook PST File Corruption Repair / Recovery

Recovery of Data from Failing HDD

Recovery of Deleted Files

Our direct services start at £49.


It is extremely important that you stop using the device with the corrupt or missing data, use of the device can overwrite the sectors on the disc which you are trying to recover.
This would render the recovery near impossible.


We outsource the following services:

Hard Drive Head Replacement (Clicking Hard Drives)

Broken RAID Arrays

Hard Drive PCB Replacement

Flash Memory Recovery (Via alternative means)

Hard Drive Platter Swaps

Hard Drive PCB Replacement

These outsourced, specialist services start at £195.


The nature of opening a drive to perform repairs requires a specialist, surgical clean room.
Therefore, we outsource these repairs in order to provide you with a reliable service.

 Please note: We always require appointments are made for each service, we do not offer a walk in service.


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