Specialists in Laptop Repairs / Upgrades

Why are our Laptop Repairs different?

Our laptop repair service excels in providing efficient, top quality repairs at a great price, locally in Cardiff.

From charging port replacements and fine soldering work to Windows re-installations, upgrades and data recovery, we do it all. Our diagnostic tools, extensive experience and soldering skills allow us to provide the most comprehensive laptop repair in Cardiff.

We don't just replace parts, we repair them. Lets face it, sometimes parts are too expensive to simply replace, often making it less than worthwhile repairing. We resolve that by performing circuit board level repairs to your devices, but of course we still do everything else to an exceptional standard, giving you a lasting, professional repair.

An appointment can be made to drop your laptop off to our local Cardiff workshop. Laptop repairs are often turned around within 24 hours, ensuring you aren't without your laptop for long. A collection and return service is also available costing between £5 and £10 within Cardiff (excluding CF10 postcodes).

We strive to be the BEST, not the cheapest laptop repair service in Cardiff. Quality, lasting repairs are paramount to our business and reputation. All services are provided with a 2 month money back guarantee as standard.

Join the thousands of happy clients we have who have had their laptops repaired with us in Cardiff, just read our reviews.


Some of our common repair services include:

Laptop Screen Replacement (LCD, LED)

Circuit Level Repairs to avoid Replacement of Motherboard

Laptop DC Power Socket Repair / Replacement

Soldering Work such as Graphics Chip Replacement / Reballing / Reflowing

Data Recovery / Data Transfer

System Tune Up (MOT)

Overheating / System Fan Replacement

Windows Operating System Reinstallation

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) Diagnosis and Repair

No Power Repair

Upgrades (Memory and SSD)

Keyboard Replacement

Touchpad Replacement

Liquid Damage Repairs

Virus Removal


Reasons to choose us for your Laptop Repairs:

We build custom computers.

Who better to repair your computer than a business who also builds them? Our extensive knowledge of up to date technology and problems allows us to be a step ahead. It's very rare we see a problem we haven't encountered before.

We have mastered soldering.

Whether it's a graphics chip, a usb port or a headphone jack, often they are all part of the main motherboard. Replacement of the whole board is simply too expensive in most cases, that's where we come in. We can replace usb ports, graphics chips (GPU), HDMI ports, headphone jacks, BIOS chips and more. Many computer repair businesses don't have the means, skill or knowledge to repair these issues without replacing the whole board - therefore we often repair what others can't, saving you money.

We work quickly.

Local suppliers of parts mean we can get most repairs done within 24 hours. Where required, parts are always ordered 1st class signed for delivery, ensuring you aren't without your laptop for long. We repair everything in house, nothing is outsourced - you are not dealing with a middle man.


So, you've decided we're right for you, where do you go from here?


Call us for a free,  no obligation quote (parts costs change regularly)

Book an appointment to drop off to us


Arrange a collection:
Collections 9.30am to 2pm Mon-Fri, Cardiff areas only (excludes CF10 postcodes).
Costs for a collection and return are below:
Within 1 mile of CF5 3NP: £5.
Over 1 mile and within Cardiff: £10.

Receive a call when your laptop has been repaired and tested

Please note: We always require appointments are made for each service, we do not offer a walk in service.

Any questions? Want to book your Laptop Repair?
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