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We remove and protect

We offer the most comprehensive virus removal service in Cardiff, we don’t just remove, we protect.

There are so many types of threat, “malware”, “ransomware”, “spyware”, but they all are categorically classed as “viruses”. Unwelcome pieces of code present on your machine. They can cause all sorts of issues, from pop up ads, redirecting websites to unscrupulous websites to encrypting your entire computer. That’s where we come in.

We can remove the virus in it’s entirety, preserving your data, programs and settings. Many companies choose to backup your data and reinstall Windows, we feel this should only be done in the most extreme cases or if requested by the customer. We don’t just use programs to scan for viruses, we manually sift through the registry and files on your system.

Once the system is clean, we update the major applications which have security issues and educate you to reduce future issues. We install specialist software to avoid bundled junk with installation files commonly downloaded from the internet. We then ensure you have sufficient antivirus installed.

Wait, there’s more. With every virus removal we provide a free PC Tune Up and MOT. This ensures your system is in tip-top shape for the future. This increases speed, productivity and also your computer’s lifespan.

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