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Whether you have a wireless black spot in your home or you require a full wired gigabit network in your business - we can provide a solution for you.


Home WiFi Extension

The most common complaint with wireless is how unreliable it can be, one day you can be working fine, the next you have interference and wireless signal drop outs. We are here to put that right.

We can extend your current signal to problematic parts of the building using ethernet cables, routers, mesh networks or powerline adapters. Everybody's situation is different and an initial assessment and discussion is required.

Our WiFi extension services start at £65 dependent on your requirements.


Wired Networking for Homes

Even though wireless is modern technology and a cable seems prehistoric, you are actually much better off using a cable wherever possible. Sharing of files, online gaming, media sharing and high bandwidth applications result are much smoother via a cable. Security is also a benefit of running via cable as it is much harder to hack a cabled network as long as the router is secure.
We can book an assessment of your building and discuss your requirements.

Our wired networking services start at £40 dependent on your requirements.

We are fully insured to work in your buildings and provide a 2 month warranty against networking issues.


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