Same Day Laptop Screen Replacement

We all make mistakes

First of all, if you’re reading this it’s likely you’ve already got a damaged screen. Whether your child has stood on the lid or your colleague closed the lid while your pen was on the keyboard – it’s always a distress purchase. We’re here to take the stress out of the situation, with same day supply and fitting available so you’re able to continue streaming videos from YouTube or finish that urgent document.

How can we offer such a quick service?

We use local suppliers, we do not order screens from cheap ebay sellers and make you wait the time it takes to be delivered. We only offer quality parts and a quick, top quality service is our priority.

What if I need my laptop repaired at my home or business?

This is what we specialize in, many other businesses in Cardiff will offer a collection and delivery service, but we will actually come to you to replace the screen there and then.

Why are your screens better than ebay?

Ebay screens are pot luck in what you get, delivery times are often longer than stated and issues can arise with compatibility, especially with brands such as Dell and Toshiba. Many Ebay screens are simply incompatible with the brightness settings required by the non standard bios in these laptops (you will end up with a lower brightness than a compatible screen).

What is the typical cost of a laptop screen replacement?

The average cost including part and fitting is £85, this differs greatly depending on the laptop. It can be anywhere from £60 to £350 for the top end high definition rare displays.

What is the warranty on a screen replacement?

Parts themselves carry a 2 month warranty via our suppliers, should a screen become faulty out of this warranty period (very unlikely), you will only incur the cost of the part, not the labour for fitting. Please note, cracks, physical damage and dead pixels are not covered under the warranty.

How do I arrange for my screen to be replaced?

Typically screens only take an hour to be fitted, we can either arrange for you to drop the laptop off to us, we can come to you and repair it there and then or a collection and delivery service is available for an extra £5 in Cardiff.

Simply call us on 07791545145 or go to our contact page.