We now offer 2 types of iPhone screen repair

We at Adept understand that sometimes budget is more important than quality, this is why we have thoroughly tested aftermarket screens to give you 2 different options for repair.

We have only offered premium refurbished original apple screens in the past, these are the original apple LCD and touch but with refurbished glass placed on top. This is currently the highest quality part available as Apple will not sell their LCD’s to anyone else.

We get a lot of calls, and understand that a lot of people don’t want the best possible quality, but just want a functioning phone to either sell or continue to use for a while and are not particularly concerned about the best contrast or brightness. We have therefore tested a lot of different manufacturers and settled on premium Tianma aftermarket screens for the iPhone 6, 6+, 6S, 6S, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ as a budget option. The iPhone X and above will all be aftermarket SOFT OLED to manufacturer standards, rather than the cheap hard OLED and LCD screens you can buy which cause major issues. These still carry our 12 month warranty against defects and you only notice a slight loss of brightness vs the original. Even though these screens are classed as our “budget” option, they are not the cheap screens you find on eBay or elsewhere.

Here you can see there is not alot of difference between our aftermarket screen and the original, but many cheaper budget options on the far right are poor in comparison.

We believe we have found a nice balance between quality and cost and have stocked up on these for future repairs. Please contact us for latest pricing.

Original Refurbished              Our Aftermarket               Other Aftermarket