Cloud Backup for Home & Business

We charge per machine, not per GB and we remotely monitor your backup service, ensuring it is running and any failed backups are taken care of. Storage space is truly unlimited, so you never have to worry about your data.

Completely automate and simplify your backup requirements, keeping your irreplaceable data safe.
All hard drives will eventually fail, so it is absolutely paramount you have a solution that works.
Be sure you prevent the stress this can cause, especially if you run a business.

Our service will mean your data is still recoverable after fire, flood, theft, data deletion, encryption, malicious malware and more.

We use a product called Databunker, unavailable to the general public. We can backup your servers or workstations and provide disaster recovery options. Everything is secured within a data centre and regular offsite backups are generated in order to ensure there is always an available version.

What is more, your backups are monitored by us, ensuring you always have a working, recent backup.


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